“Some Days You Need A Dirt Road to Slow Down Life.” – Charlene

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The reality: I worked for a bit in the morning wrapping up some loose ends before the weekend then jumped in the truck…about an hour later than planned.
I was talking to my friend that has MS (MultipleSclerosisTalk) when the highway literally came to a stop. I put it in park and kept talking for over an hour, enjoying the opportunity to catch up and not be distracted by my laptop or business phone.

When I hung up, I was still in park and decided to start figuring out why. There had been three people killed earlier in the morning going the opposite direction, but that wasn’t why we were stopped. With the amount of time of closure, I am sure there was another fatal.

While I was waiting, I looked up the directions to get to the Overland Expo and there were two options: go all the way to Flagstaff and come back down (1 hour) or there was a road that cut across (1hr 20min) … must be a windy road. Nope, it was a dirt road, and not necessarily a fast one. Not going to lie, I had a smile on my face the whole 1hr 20min

I took my time. At that point, what was the hurry? I may have showed up way later than I had planned but I wasn’t in a body bag and I got the opportunity to Slow Down Life.

I enjoyed the couple of hours at the show and surprising some friends by my appearance. Enjoyed a nice dinner and was back home by midnight. The best plan is the one that can adapt to change. (Pictures from the Show: http://on.fb.me/1k2sWTn)

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